Getting your images ready for print with Xpozer has never been quicker or easier in Luminar (and Lightroom) with the new FREE Xpozer Prints Presets Pack.

Follow the link and register your email; they will send you a download link. Load them into Luminar 4 and have a quick play. If you don’t love the editing part of getting your images ready for print, these are super quick and easy.

Installing the presets

Once you have downloaded the presets, unpack the ZIP file and you will find both the Lightroom and Luminar folder. Then, go to File > Show Luminar Looks Folder and then copy and paste the Xpozer looks into the folder.

Using them is easy, too. Just import and select the image you wish to work on and press the preset. You will find it in the User Luminar Looks section. Of course, once the preset is applied, you can still make any changes as you wish before export.


So there is a Color and Black & White preset, as well a Print Essential. I quite liked the B&W preset, it dropped the overall exposure but boosted the contrast, giving it a nice overall look.

The Color I felt was a little over-saturated, but that is easily tamed by going to the Adjustable Gradient panel and dropping the warmth a little. I also lost a little detail in the blacks, again you can fix by bringing the shadows up.


There is three dedicated Portrait Presets as well. I felt the B&W was a little flat and could have used a little more contrast, but easily adjusted. That boils down to personal preference.

I did quite like the Bright Portraits, dropping the highlights and bringing up the shadows, but softening the skin and slightly desaturating the image, just a touch. It also brightened up the whole image. The basic Portraits preset brightened things up just a touch and removed a little of the shine, but didn’t seem to do much else.

Now you’re ready to head over to Xpozer and load your images up. If you still aren’t 100% sure, you can always get the team at Xpozer to double-check your images for you too, with their Photo Check service.