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Sensor cleaning: The ultimate guide

In my previous article, I talked about cleaning your lenses and your camera. It’s time to tackle a bigger, more complex subject: cleaning your sensor! If you shoot a lot,

The Photofocus Weekly Wrap-Up for December 9-15, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up: December 9-15, 2018

The Weekly Wrap-up compiles interesting articles published this week on Photofocus. This Wrap-Up has articles about opportunity, winter architecture, exploring your self, long exposures and writing. Enjoy!

What is “Normal” Focal Length?

Normal is defined as conforming to a standard, the usual, the typical or the expected. When it comes to photography, normal most often refers to the standard focal length lens

Shoot Photos with a Motion Sensor

Recently, Scott Bourne reviewed TriggerTrap (an app and cable combination that gives you a lot of custom control over your camera). I’ve since become huge fan and have made it

What is a Cropped Sensor?

If you’re shopping for a DSLR or mirror less camera this season, you may hear the terms cropped or full-frame sensor pop up. Essentially, these are describing the size of

Beware! Lasers Can Kill Your Camera’s Sensor

A warning to all photographers and filmmakers — concert lasers can damage your very expensive camera sensor permanently! And, there’s some worry about your eyes as well, but I’ll leave that for another discussion.

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