In this week’s edition of The Sunday Shutter, eight photographers are highlighted who showcase what they’re capturing during Coronavirus, while the art of food photography and empty tulip gardens are showcased.

Eight photographers’ pictures from isolation

The New York Times Style Magazine

Eight photographers from across the world share their visual diaries that showcase what they are capturing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Some focus on photographing their area’s emptiness, while others focus on what life is like indoors. Read more >

Lead photo by Joel Meyerowitz

The Dish: Inside the art of food photography

CBS This Morning

CBS talks with food photographer Evan Sung, who photographed for several world-renowned chefs like Masaharu Morimoto and Dominique Ansel. Sung discusses how he got started with food photography and what his everyday life is like.

A photographer gained exclusive access to the world’s most beautiful garden even though it’s closed


Photo by Albert Dros

Landscape photographer Albert Dros gained access to Keukenhof park in the Netherlands, which hosts a world-famous tulip festival every spring. Closed due to Coronavirus, Dros photographed the empty fields of tulips that were in bloom — quite the sight without the hundreds of thousands of visitors the park usually sees. Read more >