Every Sunday we highlight some of our best finds from across the web for photographers. Here are some of our most notable finds.

Think you’ve seen the subway? Not like this you haven’t

The New York Times

Former M.T.A. photographer Patrick Cashlin is profiled, who talks about his two decades capturing New York City’s subway system, bridges and more. The photographs are truly remarkable, giving a view that very few have been able to capture.

“You’re like in the center of the earth, when they were still cutting the rock and blasting for the East Side Access Tunnel,” said Cashin. “The camera gives you a false sense of security. I got to go to the top of a lot of bridges. I went to highest point of the city and the deepest.” Read more >

Lead photo by Patrick Cashlin

Photographer Andre D. Wagner’s essay “On Being a Black Photographer”

CBS News

Street and documentary photographer Andre D. Wagner reflects on the current state of America in his essay, “On Being a Black Photographer.” He discusses his own run-ins with the police mistaking his camera for a gun, as well as how he captures those special moments throughout his city of Brooklyn.

Photographer brings American historical figures to life with portraits of their descendants

The Washington Post

Photo showcasing Shannon LaNier, a descendant of Thomas Jefferson (left). Photo by Drew Gardner.

British photographer Drew Gardner focuses on highlighting descendants of historical figures for his “Descendants” series. Featured in the July issue of Smithsonian Magazine, Gardner photographs direct descendants of famous historical figures such as Napolean Bonaparte, Charles Dickens, William Wordsworth and Lisa Gherardini. Once he’s tracked down his subjects, he re-creates the scenes of their famous ancestors’ portraits. Read more >