Every Sunday we highlight some of our best finds from across the web for photographers. Here are some of our most notable finds.

AP photo of flag-bearing protester rockets around the world

U.S. News & World Report

Photographer Julio Cortez tells the story behind his photograph, which showcases a protester in Minneapolis, MN carrying an upside-down U.S. flag. With the background of a burning building behind the protester, the image speaks volumes to what has happened in the past week in Minneapolis and across the country, a result of the killing of George Floyd.

“We’d been working that scene for about two hours when this particular moment happened,” Cortez said to U.S. News & World Report. “The police abandoned the precinct — there was just chaos and fires and people throwing stuff.” Read more >

Lead photo by Julio Cortez

In pictures: SpaceX’s historic launch


Photo by Chris O’Meara, AP

CNN tells a picture story of his first U.S. launch into space since 2011, which occurred Saturday afternoon. Included are photographs of the launch, crowd, the NASA astronauts, President Trump and more. Read more >

Witnessing a widespread demand for justice

National Geographic

Photo by David Guttenfelder for National Geographic

Photographer David Guttenfelder documents the destruction in his home state of Minnesota, the result of demonstrations by those seeking justicec. “The pain is really something,” he told National Geographic, noting that demonstrators were from a wide range of races, ethnicities, ages and more. Read more >