Every Sunday we highlight some of our best finds from across the web for photographers. Here are some of our most notable finds.

‘Capture the Dark’ photo contest winners highlight wonders of the night sky


Each year, the International Dark-Sky Association hosts a “Capture the Dark” photography contest, in which photographers submit their favorite photos of the night sky that showcase the human relationship with it.

Included in the contest are photographs with people engaging with the night sky, but also photographs that highlight things like light pollution. Read more >

Lead photo by Brian McDonald, “Wat Phu Prao Temple Star Trails”

What 6 Boston photographers saw in the first days of pandemic life

The Boston Globe

Photography by Edward Boches

The Boston Globe talks with photographers who have documented the COVID-19 pandemic in the greater Boston area, for a new project called Pandemic Boston. The photographs document what life was like from March to early June, 2020, and captures everything from empty streets to frontline workers.

“People are going to want to forget — brush off — what happened here. But these pictures will last past that period,” said project founder Edward Boches. Read more >

Pride, power, pedals and protest: Black British photographers pick a best shot

The Guardian

Photograph by Dennis Morris

With protests continuing across the globe, The Guardian asked eight well-known Black photographers to pick a favorite image from their collection. Included are photographs that document everyday life, portraits and protests.

Of the above photograph, Dennis Morris says, “I’ve taken a lot of flak. But, like the boy, you keep pedaling on.” He discusses how he overcame the flak he received from white authority as well as his own community, and his resilience through that. Read more >

Couple hits it off with blind date photoshoot


Now here’s a unique marketing idea — pair up two willing people and document their blind date! That’s exactly what Lindsey McCaffry did to blind date couple Karmon Waite and Daniel Allen in Indiana.

“Everybody is so invested in social media and screens and I thought, go back to the old face-to-face meeting,” said McCaffry in an interview with WTHR. The photoshoot ended up going viral, with more than 50,000 shares and thousands of Facebook comments. Read more >