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13 of the most iconic pictures from the history of street photography

BuzzFeed News

For more than 50 years, Joel Meyerowitz has been capturing everyday life in public spaces. In his new book, “How I Make Photographs,” he tells the story of his career, along with some secrets, tips and tricks. The book showcases some of Meyerowitz’s most iconic street photographs from throughout his career.

In this BuzzFeed News story, Meyerowitz discusses how he got started into street photography and offers up some advice for staying inspired and creative while social distancing. Read more >

Lead photo by Joel Meyerowitz

Photographer Tyler Mitchell on his new book and his advice to Black creatives: ‘Don’t be afraid to say no’


“Untitled (Sosa with Orange Hula Hoop),” 2019. Photography by Tyler Mitchell.

25-year-old photographer Tyler Mitchell sits down with Vogue, sharing the stories behind his latest book, “I Can Make You Feel Good,” where he uses symbolism to note the hardships of the Black American community. Initially a filmmaker, Mitchell has since blossomed into a world-renowned photographer, capturing images for Commes des Garçons and JW Anderson.

He’s also the first Black person to photograph a Vogue cover — in September 2018 — of Beyoncé. That photograph is now a part of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Read more >

Spuds you like: Potato Photographer of the Year — in pictures

The Guardian

The winning entry, “The End of Lockdown,” by Ray Spence.

The inaugural Potato Photographer of the Year prize was awarded last week, with the winning prize going to a potato getting a lockdown haircut. The competition raised funds for The Trussell Trust, a food bank charity. The competition is an excellent example of how you can stay creative, even with limitations. Read more >