Every Sunday we highlight some of our best finds from across the web for photographers. Here are some of our most notable finds.

Andreas Brücker: Orange vests


German photographer Andreas Brücker has worked to highlight the crowded streets of Bangkok, Thailand. As a part of this, he has captured the country’s service providers — namely, motorbike taxis.

“Because I used these taxis with a certain regularity, I soon connected with some of the, at times, rather odd drivers, and gradually became interested in their work and their lives. I took the first pictures during that time; and because I regularly spend time in Bangkok, it made sense to further observe and document these scenes,” he says in an interview with LFI.

The project, which lasted a number of years, is a great example of how genres like street and documentary can intertwine with portraiture. Read more >

Lead photo by Andreas Brücker

Image of the majestic — but unlucky — diving cormorant nets photography prize


Photo by Joanna Lentini

The CBC dives into Joanna Lentini’s winning entry for the 2020 Audubon Photography Awards — a photograph that came quite by surprise. Originally in Mexico to photograph sea lions, Lentini was pulled in by sardines and cormorants swimming underwater together. “It kept pulling me back,” she said to the CBC. “I kind of, you know, turned around for another moment and then captured it and it was just so special.” Read more >

Shooting celebrities: Thirty years behind the lens

BBC News

Photos by Andy Gotts

BBC News puts the spotlight on Andy Gotts, who, as a student, persuaded Stephen Fry to pose for him. In this piece, he discusses what it was like to photograph celebrities such as Paul Newman, Samuel L. Jackson, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman and more. Read more >

Searching for the American dream on Paradise Road


Emanuel and Yeddeh, Paradise Road, Baytown, Texas. Photo by Eliot Dudik.

Eliot Dudik’s new series, “Paradise Road,” tackles the American dream through a series of photographs that showcase the U.S. and the people he meets during his journey. “Personally, this dream seems to continually shift as new desires, obstacles, and realities become apparent,” he writes in an email correspondence with NPR. “I’m far from alone in this struggle to capture an elusive, subjective idea, but I’m interested in exploring our collectively constructed desideratum.” Read more >