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Meet the NYT photog Trump calls “a genius”

CBS This Morning

In this video segment for CBS This Morning, correspondent Major Garrett interview Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Doug Mills about his unique relationship with President Donald Trump.

Mills also discusses his photographic process to find a unique view on the world, as well as his iconic photograph during former FBI director James Comey’s testimony. Read more >

The best New Yorker photography of 2019

The New Yorker

The New Yorker highlights some of the magazine’s best photographs from the past year. The photographs span several topics, ranging from workers in Afghanistan and the NBA Draft, to a magazine feature on baby food and several unique portraits.

The photography in this is inspiring to say the least, as it includes many creative techniques and shows off different styles of not only photography, but of the world in a broader sense. Read more >

Christmas flakes: Macro photography reveals unique snowflake design

ZME Science

In a sign of the seasons, ZME Science showcases photographs by Alexey Kljatov. In this piece, several macro photographs are shown that reveal extremely detailed, unique snowflake designs.

Photo by Alexey Kljatov

“Photographing snowflakes is an art form in itself, but it’s not just the photography itself — processing such small objects requires time and patience,” says Kljatov. The photographs featured in the story are truly mind-blowing. Read more >

Finding truth and fiction on film sets in the south

The New Yorker

Charles Bethea takes us behind photographer Alex Harris’ latest exhibition, “Our Strange New Land,” part of the “Picturing the South” project at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. The images “capture both the real and imagined places seen in films,” writes Bethea, who makes the connection between Harris’ photography and the filmmaking that Georgia has become known for. Read more >

Photography trends of the 2010s

Adobe Blog

Lex van den Berghe writes for the Adobe Blog on the biggest photography trends of the past decade.

He writes, “As the new year approaches, our natural reaction is to reflect — reflect on our memories, our choices, and our milestones. Out of respect to our creative brains, it is imperative that we contemplate more than just the milestones that made the 2010s great.” Read more >

Lead photo by Vasantha Yogananthan for The New Yorker