Anyone who uses Instagram as a social media outlet for sharing personal images, as well as maintaining and building an audience for their business, knows that switching accounts can be a royal pain. The idea of swapping all the time was annoying enough for me to never create a second account and for a while, I used my personal account for everything. I don’t mind my followers having a peek into my private life, but after a while I felt my personal life was overwhelming the select images I chose to share from my business. I was so close to caving and creating a second account when I got the news: Instagram is rolling out multiple account switching for select iOS users! I just happen to be lucky enough to be one of them!

Creating or Connecting a Second Account

Under options, scroll down to Add Account to connect an additional account.

Adding a second account is fairly simple. If you already have one, navigate to your profile and tap the gear in the upper right corner, which will bring you to the Options screen. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and if you are one of accounts that have been granted access, you will see an “Add Account” option.

If you have an additional account already created, you can just log in with your info. If you have to create a second account, follow the easy signup walk-through, and you’ll be set up in about 1 minute.

Swapping Accounts

IMG_6337Once you have a second account attached, you will be able to swap accounts by tapping your name at the top of your profile screen. A drop down menu will appear and you will be able to select which profile you would like to activate.



One of the things I like most, is the notifications you receive will actually label which account the like/comments are on in brackets.

This change is huge for anyone wanting to maintain a social presence on Instagram for both their personal life and business but keep them separate. Do you use Instagram as a marketing tool for your photography? How do you use Instagram as a tool for your business? Share in the comments how you will use this newest change to Instagram!