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The new Collab feature on Instagram makes it possible to share authorship of posts with another account. Let’s check out how it works.

The Collab feature came to Instagram a couple of months ago, and you have probably seen in it in your feed already. Instead of a single account listed as the author of a post, you might have seen one like this, with two authors listed.

Instagram collab post feature
Instagram Collab posts display both accounts as the author of the post.

What is the Instagram collab feature used for?

Designed to cut duplicate content and allow creators more power to collaborate with other accounts, it requires both authors to agree on the collab. Once both agree, the post is displayed in the feed of both accounts’ followers and lands in the Profile Grid of both accounts as well.

Like tagging someone in your photo, you can collab with more than one other author (up to 20), but unlike tagging, the post is shown in the Profile Grid, not the tagged tab.

I see this as being a great tool to use for styled shoots, where there are lots of professionals collaborating, especially if they have audiences in common (e.g. a group of wedding industry suppliers). Everyone can get in on the same post without their followers being flooded with duplicate images from the shoot.

You could also use it (as I have done in my example here) to share a post with your blog or business account, from your personal account. Loyal fans who follow both accounts won’t get double-ups.

How to create a Collab joint post

So here’s how to make a Collab post.

  1. Hit the + to start a new post as per usual.
  2. When you get to the caption step, tap Tag people.
  3. Click Invite collaborator to find your co-author.
  4. Follow the prompts to finish and publish the post as normal.
collab feature Instagram invite collaborator
The Instagram Collab feature makes it easy to share authorship of a post with another account.

Your collaborator will now get an invitation to accept your post as a Collab, and if they accept, it’ll be shared to both yours and their followers.

How to accept an Instagram collab invite

If someone else invites you as a collaborator, all you need to do is click Review on the invitation, and then Accept or Reject it. Remember, if you accept, the post will show up in your Profile Grid as if you’d written it yourself.

Collab posts can also be made from Reels, so have a play with that and see what you can create. I think this is a great addition to Instagram and makes for a much tidier, official process for sharing credit with other authors on your posts.