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In this renewed, reinvigorated episode of The Mind Your Own Business Podcast, Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen discuss marketing tips to improve your photography business. In particular, they discuss the following topics:

  • Paying attention to detail allows you to create a great experience for your clients.
  • Respect your work enough to package it well. Give your work the presentation it deserves. This communicates to your client how high end you are.
  • Make it a point to go out to high end stores and observe how they package their product. Examples include stores like Tiffany & Co, and jewelry stores that sell Rolex watches.
  • The little things absolutely matter, such as dressing the part or wearing a tie. This applies to writing as well, such as emails and brochures. Proofread your work.
  • Make everyone who walks into your studio feel like a rock star.
  • Sending flowers to brides that book you is one example of treating a client like a rock star.
  • It’s about relationship building. Do research on your clients and find out how you can make them happy.
  • Disney and Nordstrom are great examples of companies that go above and beyond when pleasing their customers.
  • Every detail you get right is another stepping stone towards closing the deal and helping your clients protect their memories.
  • Your goal is to exceed client expectations, especially because photography is largely a word of mouth business.


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