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©Page Kuepper

Photographer of the Day: Page Kuepper

Category: Children Photograph: Untitled by Page Kuepper Page’s image has a lovely ethereal look to it. The softness and pastel color tones evoke a dreamlike feeling that surrounds the little girl exploring

©Thomas Salinka

Photographer of the Day: Thomas Salinka

Category: Children Photograph:  My Little Model by Thomas Salinka A photograph of a child that makes me smile will always be my favorite. This image, while not an obviously happy moment, shows

Photo of the Day: He Thinks He’s An Airplane

Category: Children Photograph: He thinks he’s an airplane by Craig Hudson This photo is pure joy! The little boy’s expression is so adorable! His reflection on the floor adds depth, and in combination

Review: Photoboards from Sweet Pix

Recently, Sweet Pix reached out and requested a review of their 8 x 8 photo boards. These photo boards can be ordered directly from an iPhone through the Sweet Pix

Photo of the Day: Dreams

Category: Children Photograph: Dreams by Monty Montgomery I chose this photo because of it’s engaging quality, as you are peering through a window into this little girl’s dream world. The

Photo of the Day: Little Boy Happily Drawing

Category: Children Photograph: Little Boy Happily Drawing by Gary Radler I chose this photo because the photo captures a perfect moment. The little boy is so engaged and consumed by

Photo of the Day: Out for a Walk

Category: Children Photograph: Out for a Walk by Brian Barbash Brian’s image captured my attention with the subtle rim lighting on the boy. The choice of using a B&W conversion

Knitting Your Own Props for Newborns

One of the genres of photography that is experiencing massive growth and demand is newborn photography. I’m sure at some point, you have seen a tiny baby wrapped up tightly

Photo of the Day: Being Happy!

Category: Children Photograph: Being happy! by Anil Nagrani I absolutely love this image! Both the composition and subject are engaging and tell a story. The little girl’s happiness is captured

Instagram Launches Multiple Account Management

Anyone who uses Instagram as a social media outlet for sharing personal images, as well as maintaining and building an audience for their business, knows that switching accounts can be

Photo of the Day: Liam

Category: Children Photograph: Liam by Ryan Shepard Ryan’s image has wonderful connection. He captured the little boy’s expression at just the right moment and as a viewer, I feel it

Photo of the Day: Newborn

Category: Children Photograph: Newborn by Robyn Edgar Kilponen of Blue Egg Photography The image of the day was chosen because it is so engaging. This little one has so much

Utilizing the Crop Tool Overlay

The crop tool in Lightroom is a well-known tool, yet there is more to it than there may seem. Here I will show you how using overlays will make the

Photo of the Day: Untitled

Category: Children Photograph: “Untitles” by Md. Abu sayed joader. This image really caught my eye for a number of reasons. The photographer captured children playing in an area most would

Photo of the Day: Declan

Category: Children Photograph: Declan by Ryan Shepard I originally chose this photo because the color grading is excellent. The little boy appears to have has his playtime interrupted and his

Lens Distortion in Portraits

As a portrait photographer, I love getting a close, tight shot that really captures the personality of my subject. Understanding the limitations and effects your gear has on the final

The Importance of Portraits

I tell anyone who listens that printing your photos is so incredibly important. Anything from snapshots of a sleeping child, to wedding photos and portraits need to be turned into

Every Photographer Has a Place

One of the most common posts I see in photography forums and groups are those upset about the prices other photographers are charging. While this may be a bit of

Using V-Flats with Backlit Portraits

When using backlighting in an image, the first thing to decide on the light source. For beauty portraits, I prefer to use natural light, as it has a soft and

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