Thanks for all the great questions you’ve been sending in to the Photofocus podcast. This week Rich Harrington and Kevin Ames tackle some great topics to help photographers. Remember, you can post those questions via Twitter with the #pfqa or send us a note here at Photofocus.

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Rich Harrington & Kevin Ames

  • Who is Kevin Ames?
  • Why is Atlanta, GA having a resurgence in the arts like Film and Media?
  • Why do you need a prime lens?
  • If you can only afford one prime, which one should you get?
  • What is a normal lens and what that means for your camera?
  • Is it okay to make portraits of people without their permission
  • When to use Photoshop and when to use Lightroom?
  • How working with the right tools will help you be more efficient.
  • How can I get healthy critiques when I post to social media?
  • Utilizing camera/photo clubs to help you improve
  • Using hardware to display photos
  • At what point is a photographer ready to assist or second shoot?
  • How do you find your way into photography?
  • Working with people you respect and work hard to help it comes back in a positive way.
  • Where can you find more about Kevins work?