While we’ve been sitting high on the best-sellers list for Photography books, we’ve heard from several of you asking how to get our new Lightroom book. Well, there’s two ways to get the book.

The book is free until August 1 thanks to Mosaic Archive. Mosaic commissioned the team at Photofocus to create the best eBook on the planet about Lightroom. We hope you enjoy it.

The new book is called Develop Great Images in Lightroom. In its 236 pages you’ll find practical advice and expert tips. Learn from Nicole S. Young, Levi Sim, Rob Sylvan, Rich Harrington, and Gerard Murphy.

Method 1: You can get the book here... on iBooks. You will need an iPad or iPad mini to view or a Mac running OS 10.9 or newer.

Method 2: For those of you without an iPad, you can read the book on Scribd or embedded here. This version doesn’t have interactive slideshows, resizable photos, or embedded video.

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