On Wednesday, Instagram announced the return of a chronological feed so that users “can decide what works best for them.” The company emphasized that they are not switching everyone back to a chronological feed, rather providing “meaningful control over their experience.”

The chronological feed option should return sometime in 2022. Details have not yet been announced about how it will be implemented.

New safety features

Additionally, Instagram announced a variety of new safety and well-being features, including a Take a Break feature, parental controls and an option to see and manage your activity across the platform.

Take a Break will encourage users to take a break from Instagram after a certain period of time. You can set the time for a “break.” This new feature is available now in the US, Canada and Australia.

Parental controls, which have been announced previously, will aim to be launched in March 2022. Parents will be able to see the amount of time that kids spend on Instagram and spend time limits.

Finally, users will be able to see and manage how they show up on Instagram. This will allow you to bulk delete posts, see comments and other activity notifications and more.

For more information on these announcements, visit Instagram’s blog.