Facebook, despite all its ups and downs, has become a part of our lives. It’s become a source of education, advertising, entertainment, and social/family connection!  So with that in mind, I thought it’d be great to share with you a way to help make your Facebook experience a little more manageable!

The problem i’m sure we’ve all encountered, is the sheer volume of spammy, offensive, and incredibly bad fake-fact content posts that plague our news feed. That along with with the pay-to-see business model that Facebook uses to make actual business and like page posts that we want to see hard to find.

Heres a few tips to help take your Facebook feed back so its not so cluttered and full of crazy!

1) Block all websites that are clearly a joke.


If you see any website that you want to block on your News Feed, simply click the arrow next to any post and hit Hide all from ____ and you’ll never see content from that website again. This also works on pages that you want to stop seeing content from, including images from that page. It’s just that easy.

2) Make sure you see posts from people you like in your feed.

See First

If you like someones posts, go to their profile. Hiding under the Following tab, you will see an option to See First. This will ensure that you see their posts in your News Feed! Don’t forget that the next time you find someone you enjoy following. It will also encourage good people to post more by supporting them.

3) Get updates from people you really like.

Get Notifications

Under the Friends tab, you can enable Get Notifications so you can get a notification every time they post. I typically save this for people who share really incredible content, funny updates, and beautiful or educational work. It’s also useful for people who post infrequently but you don’t want to miss it.

4) Unfollow to maintain the peace.

Much like item number two, you can click the Following tab and simply unfollow them. Thus you won’t see any of their posts again while still remaining friends with them. This way, you won’t have to get into any unpleasant conversations about why you unfriended someone who’s really annoying. We’ve all got that random family member that we’d like to pretend doesn’t exist right?!?

5) Make sure you see posts from pages!


Facebook has really put a stranglehold on the reach that like pages can get organically. It used to be pretty direct and awesome, then suddenly, you have to pay a ton to reach your audience! And even then it doesn’t always reach your targeted audience or even your followers! Frustrating to say the least. Well, now you can ensure you support your friends and the pages you like. Go to the page you want to see more of, and click under the liked tab. You can click on these two tabs to change how often you see their posts.

Here is what the options look like under those two tabs:

Like News

Liked Notifications

Id recommend choosing See First on your News Feed tab and deciding what you want notifications about on the second tab.With these quick tips, you’ll begin enjoying Facebook a whole lot more. You’ll see your friends and liked posts more frequently, and the garbage and nonsense that you don’t want to see will be taken care of!

Enjoy having your Facebook back!