Take a dance class. I’m serious, absolutely serious. Take a dance class. Find the rhythm and learn to react. Dancing is a great skill. It really teaches you to be in the moment, to pick up on another person’s movement, to listen to music, to be able to respond to stimuli. 

Discover your rhythm

I’ve taken a lot of dance over the years. First, when I was wrestling in college, our coach encouraged us to take dance. I’ve taken ballet, I’ve taken modern dance. Then after I got injured, I had to learn to do choreographed routines as a cheerleader, believe it or not, and even do a cartwheel.

Now, what I learned here is to listen to music and discover the rhythm. Rhythm and patterns are so much about creativity. Graphic design, photography and video are all filled with rhythm.

Learn your body

You also learn about your body to feel things, to start to be sensitive. Being creative is being in tune with your body, and your environment and dancing helps you find that. Plus, it translates into better body mechanics. You’ll be better at camera operation, better at movement, better at design, better able to carry your own gear.

A chance to connect

If you’ve got a social relationship, it’s a chance to connect and really feel part of something as well as closer to the person you care about. 

Can’t wait for the rest?

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