Feeling creatively stuck? Here’s one way you can get the creative juices flowing again.

Choose a list of random words, or have someone give you a list. Six to eight words is usually a good challenge. Take those words and create an image for each one. The interpretation of each word is completely up to you and you can create the images in any manner you’d like. Any type of camera and/or post-processing is allowed.

Here are six examples.


Create an image that tells the story of the word, that makes the viewer see beyond the first thing that pops in their head when they hear that word.

Freeze motion

I wracked my brain on this trying to come up with something other than the obvious photographic technique of stopping motion.


Again, I wanted to think of something different.


Easy right, just go out and find some neon signs and you’re all set. How about digging a little deeper and finding a neon manufacturing shop nearby. Call them, see if they’ll allow you to come in and take a few photos for a project. This little shop in Chicago was more than happy to let a group of us come in and photograph while he worked.

Color selfie

The selfie challenge for this week as part of a project was a color selfie.


Get it?

Challenges, whether created by ourselves or by getting involved in photography groups online or with your local camera club are a great way to push our processes. They make us think in order to create something different.

What will you challenge yourself to shoot this week?