Our next tip is to focus on your specialties. Identify the skills and opportunities that you have and then focus on those. Well, this comes down to is really what I refer to as targeting. 

Unique skills

You need to identify the skills that you have that are unique. It doesn’t mean that no one else has them, but identify what you are best at. While there are lots of things I can do, I choose to do the things that are most unique because it allows me to work less and get paid more.

In-demand skills

Those general skills you have are certainly useful, and you can draw upon them as needed for projects but market and focus on the skills that you’re best at as well as pay attention to in-demand skills. Look for new opportunities, develop the skills that you have and develop new skills so that there are new market opportunities as things become more and more saturated.

Portfolio of work samples

Make sure you build out a portfolio of work samples that illustrate these skills. There are lots of different technology sites out there for building portfolios. You can use Adobe websites that allow you to build photography portfolios or sites like Vimeo to build out portfolios for videos, but definitely have samples of your work ready to show what you’re capable of.


You have to put materials out so people can find you. Not just a website but actively market. Go to events, go to industry events, go to opportunities, go to business networking events, find new clients and talk to them.

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