Each month we spend some time with one of you, the everyday photographer. On The Photographer Show with Scott + Lauri, sponsored by our friends at Tamron, we share our love of photography and discuss a few images to learn more about our readers and the Photofocus Community members.

This month, we’re joined by Michael Ryno from the Denver, CO area. Living in this area provides him with what seems like an infinite number of fabulous locations to photograph. This includes mountains, open vistas, interesting geological formations, lakes, streams, waterfalls, etc. Colorado also has an abundance of wildlife. Mike enjoys the challenges of photographing birds and animals in their natural habitat.

The camera is now an essential item that he takes along while out enjoying other hobbies such as fly fishing, hiking and backpacking. When it comes to outdoor landscape and nature photography, Mike is a firm believer in the need to protect our parks and wilderness areas. He always follows the “leave no trace” principles.

Join Mike and other Photofocus readers to participate in our Photofocus Community. There we share images, ideas and all things photography. You’ll also have the chance to join us on a future show.