This week we’re getting to know community member, Michael Ryno.

Michael is from Colorado which provides him with what seems like an infinite number of fabulous locations to photograph. This includes mountains, open vistas, interesting geological formations, lakes, streams, waterfalls, etc. Colorado also has an abundance of wildlife, and Michael enjoys the challenges of photographing birds and animals in their natural habitat.

The camera is now an essential item that he takes along while out enjoying other hobbies such as fly fishing, hiking and backpacking. When it comes to outdoor landscape and nature photography, Michael is a firm believer in the need to protect our parks and wilderness areas, and always follow the “leave no trace” principles.

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How did you get started in photography?

“I became interested in photography in 2016, when I purchased a camera to capture the beautiful landscape scenes that I often came across while hiking and fly fishing in the mountains of Colorado.  Soon after purchasing my first DSLR camera, I joined a local photography club to meet other photographers and learn how to use the new gear. Over these past five years I have actively read books, watched tutorials and attended workshops in an effort to learn and improve my skills.”

What was your first camera?

“My first camera was an entry-level Nikon 3300 DSLR camera that I purchased in March 2016. I quickly became passionate about photography and upgraded to a full frame Nikon D750 camera  I am currently using a Nikon Z 7II mirrorless camera as well as a Nikon Z 5 that has been converted to infrared.”

Who is one photographer that inspires you and why?

“I have been inspired by so many great photographers throughout my photography journey.  One who I have recently been inspired by is Renee Robyn, as her imagination, creativity and attention to detail have introduced me to skills that go beyond anything that I had seen previously.”

What’s the first thing you look for in composing your image?

“The first thing that I look for when composing an image is interesting light.  Whether I am out in nature photographing landscapes or at home photographing our pet German Shepherd, I have found that the blend of light and shadows are very important to a good image.  

“For my landscape photography, I will often look in all directions to see where the light is interesting and then I will look for a composition with elements that provide depth  throughout the foreground and background.”

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