Each month we spend some time with one of you, the everyday photographer. On The Photographer Show with Scott + Lauri, sponsored by our friends at Tamron, we share our love of photography and discuss a few images to learn more about our readers and the Photofocus Community members.

This month, we’re joined by Sandra Jordan from the London, England area. Sandra talks to us about her photography philosophies. Photographing either the expansive landscapes of the Arctic or the claustrophobic urban environment, Sandra seeks solitude and calm within her work.

She goes beyond the depths of the surface to construct sensory escapes that silence the chaos of our hectic world. The important element of space not only allows the work to breathe but enables her, as the photographer, to create a moment of reflection and stillness both in body and mind.

Sandra is an award-winning fine art photographer creating calming minimalist photographic meditations. She is constantly exploring new creative approaches and expanding her practice in photography and bookmaking.

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