Richard de Bruin has been a hobby photographer for 12 years, mainly shooting landscapes and architectural structures. Richard not only keeps his photos on his computer but also hanging on his walls. He wants to keep the stories and memories behind the shots alive and, ideally, relive them every day. And what are those stories? We talked to Richard about his photo prints.

Sometimes you know straightaway

I don’t look at the photos on my computer often enough. That’s why I have various prints of my photos. Every time I pass one of my photos, I relive the feeling I had when I took it, a moment of happiness. For instance, I have a photo of a bridge in London hanging above my sofa. When I was at that location, I knew straightaway that I had to capture it – bend down a bit more, change the composition slightly. And there it was: the photo. It has depth, composition, linear patterns, everything I wanted. It was a real kick when it all came together! The photo wall print adds a feeling of clean, strong lines to my interior. Apart from the visual aspect, this photograph means a lot to me because I took it while I was on vacation with my father. I had never been on vacation with him before, and every time I look at the photo, I remember that week.

Complete picture

I also really love a photo I took seven years ago in Haiti.

Xpozer's Amazing Photography Richard de Bruin: Jumping off the wall

I was at a Voodoo ritual where a man filled his mouth with fire and glass. He looked straight into my lens as he blew out smoke, and that gives the shot a real feeling of power. I’m very proud of it because it’s a complete picture and it tells a story. It’s a pleasure to look at it every day, and when I do, I think: I should take more shots like that. It’s very inspiring.

Finding tranquility through abstract photos

In my workroom, I also have a macro photo of a white line on a road.

Xpozer's Amazing Photography Richard de Bruin: Jumping off the wall
106 Barneveld, The Netherlands

This photograph is very abstract and it evokes a sense of tranquility for me. I went out specifically to take this shot. I wanted to capture the depth and structure of the line. When other people see the photo for the first time, they have to look very closely but once they recognize what it is their reaction is enthusiastic: “Cool, great job!”

Moments of happiness

It takes some time for me to decide which photos are the ones I want to hang on my walls. I’m often away shooting for several days at a time, and I choose a few photos when I get back. I edit them, and after a few days, I look at them again to see if I’m really satisfied with the editing. If not, I edit them again. When I choose a photo to be printed I need to be certain it has the “wow” factor that will make me happy every time I see it. For me, seeing my photos hanging on the walls are true moments of happiness. I want the quality of my photos to be perfectly reflected in the wall print. I want my photos to jump off the wall. That’s what’s great about Xpozer: my photos are meticulously printed in full detail.

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