We’ve seen thousands of photos from Xpozer fans, each one more beautiful than the last. From experience, we understand that it’s not always easy to select which photo you want to print, especially when you take so many great photos. how can you select the photo that best suits you and your space and gives you a good feeling? This practical guide will show you the way in three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose photos that inspire you

When selecting a photo as a wall print, it’s not only about the best composition or most stunning scene. The most important thing is how the photo makes you feel. Surrounding yourself with visual reminders of people, places and experiences that make you happy is literally good for you. Especially when your daily life is busy, the impact of the positive vibe that radiates from such photos will do you good. Keep this in mind when you’re selecting which photos to transform into wall prints.

Amazing Photography How to select the best photos for your wall


Amazing Photography How to select the best photos for your wallHow does this photo make you feel? If you have so many photos saved that it’s hard to decide where to start looking, you can take a walk down photo memory lane with these questions:

  • When did you visit an intensely beautiful location?
  • Which special moments have you shared with family and friends?
  • What is the most stunning animal that you have photographed so far?
  • What is the most unique trip you have been on?
  • Which extraordinary people or cultures have you photographed?
  • Which city has stolen your heart?
  • Which abstract photo have you taken that would amaze others?

Step 2: Look at your space

It’s important to consider the space where your wall print will hang. As you select a photo, look at your interior and think about how you’d answer these questions.

Which effect do you want to create with your photo?

Colors can spur us to action, calm us down or have a neutral effect on us. Think about the feeling and mood you want to create in the room or space where your wall print will hang and choose a photo that either has those colors in it or could be edited to the shade you want. You could match color tones, or choose a wall print with very bright or very understated colors.

Amazing Photography How to select the best photos for your wall

Raise energy

If you want the photo to raise the energy in your space, look for ones that are prominently red, orange or yellow. Red often creates a strong first impression. In a living room or dining room, red can bring people together and encourage conversation. Yellow conveys an uplifting, energizing and welcoming feeling. Orange is an especially energetic color, evoking excitement and enthusiasm.

Amazing Photography How to select the best photos for your wall

Calming effect

For a calming, relaxing or more serene effect, consider photos with more blue, green or purple tones. Warm or bright blues encourage relaxation, while green has an equally calming effect. Green is considered the most restful color for the eye, encouraging unwinding but also promoting comfort and togetherness — a true combination of the refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow. In its lightest versions, such as lavender and lilac, purple can bring a restful quality, while in its darkest values, such as eggplant, purple is dramatic and sophisticated.

Amazing Photography How to select the best photos for your wall

Neutral colors

Neutral colors such as black, grey, white and brown are infinitely flexible. If your space already has a lot of color in the floor or furniture, a wall print that is strong with neutral colors may be perfect.

Step 3: Consider the photo quality

Composition: Is the photo’s composition pleasing to the eye?

Choose photos that follow basic composition rules (rule of thirds, layering, leading lines, framing, and others) to be certain that you will enjoy looking at them for years to come.

Amazing Photography How to select the best photos for your wall

Tip: You can test this by putting a small print of a photo you’re considering for a wall print in a spot where you’ll see it every day. If you look at it for a week and still smile when you see it, you’ll know it’s an eye-pleaser.

Sharpness: Is the photo sharp?

It’s distracting to look at a wall print that is unintentionally blurry. If you have multiple photos of the same subject, always examine them at 100% (actual size) and choose the sharpest one for printing If you’re printing a portrait photo, check sharpness by looking at the eyes: if these are sharp, the photo will generally be sharp.

Tip: If your photo is a landscape, check it for sharpness everywhere, including along the edges.

Resolution Is your photo quality high enough?

Your photo doesn’t need to have 300 PPI to look great on the wall, but it is important that the photo’s resolution fits the size you want to print. Xpozer, like other photo printers, lists on its website the minimum resolution needed for each print size.

Amazing Photography How to select the best photos for your wall

Tip: If you want to print 24” x 36” or larger (approx. 60 x 90 cm), you need a minimum of 80ppi. Because the viewing distance for a wall-print is greater than for smaller photos, you generally don’t need as high a resolution.

Photos transform a house into a home.

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