Xpozer, the interchangeable prints on forever frames company has a book that is as amazing as its title: “Amazing Photography.” This review takes you inside the book for a quick look at some of the photographers, tips and how to get it for the cost of shipping, $8.99 for U.S. residents.

13 photographers

The book has photos and stories of 13 photographers. Some are pros, some are serious amateurs and one is an astronaut. From orbit and through the lens of André Kuipers you’ll see breathtaking images of earth shot from the International Space Station. Albert Dros shares his dramatic landscapes that include an erupting volcano in Guatemala framed by the Milky Way starfield. Birds, bison and deer in nature are scenes from Gustav Kiberg. See breaching humpback whales and follow them underwater with Shane Keena.

Amazing Photography: Real stories to inspire us all
Underwater with a humpback whale. Photo: Shane Keena.

Travel around the world with this book

The photographs in “Amazing Photography: Real Stories to Inspire Us All” come from all over the world and out of it, too! Locations from Arizona, Denmark, Heligoland, Iceland, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Dakota, Tonga, Vietnam and Yunan are a sampling of the almost 50 places these photographers have been to make photos that appear in this book.

Amazing Photography: Real stories to inspire us all
Stunning photos from all over the world and out of it to are in this book.

Do it yourself tips

Throughout “Amazing Photography” are practical photo helpers you can make yourself. Consider holding your camera steady with some string and a tripod screw. How about using a plastic bag filled with beans or a frying pan to keep your camera steady? Need a quick lens hood? A coffee sleeve does the trick. There are several more!

Enjoying your photography

One of my favoride chapters is on enjoying photography by making Xpozer prints and hanging them in our homes. There are lots of ideas on using photographs as frameless wall art in “Amazing Photography.” Photos are great in the living room, breakfast nook and even along a stairway.

I really enjoyed the copy of “Amazing Photography” that Xpozer sent me for this review. It inspired me to add a photo of the Eifel Tower I’d made above my sofa. I have other photos on my walls as well thanks in large part to the inspiration from this book.

Amazing Photography for $8.99

The founders of Xpozer Clemens van Os and Ivan van der Veld have made copies of “Amazing Photography” available for the cost of shipping — $8.99 alone. The book retails for $29.99 regularly. Inside you’ll find every thing I’ve mention and lots more. One of my favorites is a game to play with photo friends “Would You Rather?”

Here’s how to get your own copy of “Amazing Photography.” The offer applies to the United States only.