Asked if I wanted to try out a new way of printing and displaying my work by the editors of Photofocus, I said, “Absolutely!” I am always looking for a great way to get my images on the wall that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Getting prints on display is one of the best ways to enjoy your work. And, the ability to change it out easily makes it even better.

Initial thoughts

Even though I was out of town I looked at this new (to me) system and started to get excited. Checking into the Xpozer website gave me a feeling we are on the same page. I enjoy an unframed image floating on the wall. I also agreed with their choice of print surface. Satin. I have always had an issue with glass in front of an image (unless it is the prohibitively expensive museum grade glass).

When I print on metal to achieve the float look I personally choose satin over a glossy surface. I want people to see the image, not reflections of lights and windows on the print surface. I couldn’t wait to see the resulting print on this new material that would be light and interchangeable on the frame.

Lens Based Art version of two ravens on display; 30-by-45 inches.

Yay, the images are here

I had one image that was a straight photograph and one more manipulated in my art style. I felt like a kid on Christmas when I opened up the triangular boxes. The print quality was spot on with the files that I sent. Because the images are printed on a vivid flexible material they can be gently rolled for shipping and storage with a small footprint.

My print of Sandhill Cranes replaced the Raven art on the same frame. It took about one and a half minutes to make the change.

I wasn’t sure about the frame, but the design makes it even easier to assemble than I imagined. After opening the packaging I unrolled the print, added the lightweight aluminum frame pieces in about one minute. Instructions were printed right on the box. The print was hanging the wall in another two minutes. Changing out to another image took even less time.


This is a pretty cool system for getting large art of your images on your walls without breaking the bank. Since I was given 30-by-45 inch prints to check out, I’ll use them as an example.

A 30-by-45 Xpozer print and frame goes for $150 with $9.95 shipping in the U.S. You can add a second print for $90 to switch out. Or even better, if you like to rotate your art often you can order a single frame with four prints for just over $300 with the same $9.95 shipping. You don’t even have to order all four prints at the same time; each shipment is $9.95. Compare that with a metal that is approximately the same size at $300-$350 and the extra shipping and packaging.

I also priced out 40-by-60 inch prints and you can get four different 40-by-60 prints and a frame for the same price as a single 40-by-60 metal — roughly $500.

If you have the same thought as Imogen below, I think there’s a place for Xpozer in your world.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob