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Amazing Photography Laura Vink The end of the world is right in front of you

The end of the world is right in front of you

Laura Vink is a travel photographer, entrepreneur, author and photography instructor. The ‘wow’ responses to her vacation photos elicited from her friends and family prompted her to concentrate more on

Seven DIY photography quick fixes

As photographers, we’re good at planning ahead and thinking on our feet. But it can happen that we don’t have everything we need on hand to get the shot we

The book on Photofocus and a printed version, too Every other week a new photo and the story behind it will be published here on Photofocus. Clemens and Ivan have made copies of "Amazing Photography" available for the cost of shipping — $8.99 alone. The book retails for $29.99 regularly. Here are some highlights ... More than 100 breathtaking photos by professional and hobby photographers 13 personal stories from pro’s and hobbyists such as Albert Dros (pro-photographer), Laura Vink (pro-photographer), Andre Kuipers (astronaut and photographer), Ori Guttin (co-founder Viewbug) and Evgeny Tchebotarev (co-founder 500px) 4 practical photo guides to help you enjoy your photos to the max 7 DIY quick fixes for unexpected photography situations World's top 15 under-the-radar spots for stunning photos Would you rather …? A hypothetical photography game for friends The science behind how your photos can affect your happiness and well-being. Get your own copy of "Amazing Photography"

Gustav Kilburg — hunting with a camera

Gustav Kiburg is an award-winning wildlife photographer and Ambassador for Xpozer, Sony UK, Sony Netherlands and Sony Japan. He is especially well-known for his breathtaking and rare photos of the

Xpozer Amazing Photography Sietske Tol

Sietske Tol — my photos are my souvenirs

Sietske Tol is a social worker with a serious photo hobby. Her passion for photography stems from a desire to hold on to special moments, especially those from her travels.

Huge print Xpozer in a gym

Custom made prints of my photos in a gym

I’ve always wanted to display custom made prints of my photos in a gym. That dream recently became a reality with a very cool project! A very cool opportunity I

How to prepare photos for printing

How to easily prepare your photos for printing

If you thought that printing high-quality images was complicated, be reassured. Here’s how to easily prepare your photos for printing in five simple steps! 1. Select your pictures As obvious

Getting the impossible photo

Albert Dros — Getting the impossible photo

Albert Dros is an award-winning professional landscape photographer whose photos have been published in National Geographic, Adobe, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, and other prominent publications. He’s a Sony Global and

A photographer on the shore of a lake surrounded by mountains festooned in autumn colors.

Real stories to inspire us all

Xpozer has partnered with Photofocus to bring a series of images from the book “Amazing Photography” that features the work of photographers who tell the stories behind their images. Xpozer

Why you should print your photos

Do you ever print your photos? Not just post them on social media, but real tangible images printed on beautiful photo paper? If you don’t, then perhaps you should. Consider

The weekly wrap-up from Photofocus for November 24-30,2019.

Weekly Wrap-Up: November 24-30,2019

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have a feast of great articles from the week on Photofocus. Leading off is Julie Powell with her take on Xpozer prints, followed by a

Curing my indecisiveness with Xpozer

I recently received the print I had ordered, courtesy of Xpozer, of a photograph taken this summer up in Ludington, MI. It’s hit or miss whether we get a beautiful

Photographs on the wall LARGE

You’ve heard the expression “Go big or go home.” With the Xpozer system you can go big with your photographs and have them hanging in your home. There’s nothing like

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