Go to a conference, you’re going to learn new things and open new doors. What I like about conferences is you learn new skills.

Learn new skills

You can’t “not” learn new things at a conference. Whether it’s business techniques, or how to think.

Conferences I know I am going to this year (with more to come):


There are so many opportunities. Also the chance to network. Some of my best friends I’ve met at professional events. So many of the people that I interact with and do business with have all come from conferences. You meet some of the best people because the people at conferences usually are the most passionate ones in their industry.

Learn what you don’t know

What I liked the best, though, is you learn what you don’t know. Now, this may seem strange, but I love going to conference sessions where I think I know something. Then the presenter walks me through their workflow or opens up something that I would never have thought of. 

It’s amazing how we think we know a lot, and it turns out we really don’t know that much. So by going to an expert, by sitting down and opening yourself up to a structured presentation, you’re going to get exposed to new ideas.

Can’t wait for the rest?

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