Planning to set up your own photo studio? Among the equipment that shouldn’t go missing on your list is the C-stand. Many pro photographers swear by it as the most versatile piece of gear to have in the studio. Here’s a quick video that shows why, and how you can make the most out of it.

New to the C-stand? The folks of Australia-based Hypop got you covered with their quick tips before you get started. These include some important things to remember when using it at its maximum height or with a boom and anything weighted on the other end.

Next, they compared the pros and cons of the C-stand with a regular light stand. The former is notably more heavy-duty, so you can mount backdrops high up, or attach different kinds of equipment. However, that also means that you have a bulkier and heavier gear. You also won’t be able to collapse it the way you would a standard light stand. C-stands will also cost you more, so they are more of an investment.

Still, their versatility makes them must-haves for all kinds of studio work. As also demonstrated in the video, there’s more to it than being a light stand. You can use it as a camera tripod, an audio boom stand, a scrim holder, among other things!

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