Need to level up your product photography? There are many tried and tested techniques that will allow you to get extra creative. A great example is the water splash effect, often used for beverages, fruits or product that needs a fresh look. Today’s featured tutorial covers how to use compositing to create beautiful hero images for your next product photos.

In the video above, UK-based video production agency Singularity Film takes us to the studio with commercial photographer Tom Barton for a beverage product shoot. First, he gives us a rundown of the setup for the shoot, from the gear, to the lighting and the props. The shoot has multiple parts and setup since the images will be composited later. It’s a tedious process since you need to have a good number of assets before you can begin compositing. But it’s all worth the effort, as the impressive final images revealed!

If you’re new to compositing for product photography and the steps involved, this behind the scenes look should give you some ideas on what you need to prepare.

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