Reviewing the Impact Deluxe Varipole Support System with Metal Chain Kit was a positive experience. Even as I unboxed the Veripole (which was provided by B&H), the high quality of the components was obvious. Brushed aluminum poles are the cornerstone of the attractive and sturdy design.

The Impact Veripole system is designed to hold up paper roll backdrops and is available in a variety of configurations. This configuration is designed to hold three paper rolls that are easily rolled up with a pulley system. Being able to change backdrops by rolling one up and pulling another down is much more convenient than replacing the whole background.

System setup

I’m the kind of guy that needs to read the instructions before diving in. I suppose that’s the quirky part of being an engineer with an art degree. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all thumbs but I read the instructions.

  • The poles need to be level.
    • I used a laser level to be sure. Impact also offers an optional attachment with a bubble level which seems like a great idea.
    • The poles extend to the ceiling and are held in place by tension with rubber contact points. It may look level from one point of view but verify.
  • Consider measuring the width of your paper roll, then spacing the poles to that width. Trial and error is time consuming.
  • The ceiling needs to be flat. If it’s on an incline then the poles won’t be level.
  • Once it’s up you’ll probably want to leave it set up. I placed it in my garage so leaving it there for more than a day isn’t an option for me.

A closer look

The Impact Veripole System hanger itself is sturdy construction and is bolted to a clamp. Three hangers hold equally wide rolls with optional hardware. Two inserts go into the paper roll and expand as the ends are tightened providing secure ends to mount into the rack. A chain drive hangs off the side which allows you to release and retract the paper backdrop. Paper rolls are held in place by pressure and friction in the cardboard tube.

I may have overtightened the inserts a bit because it held tightly for a little while, but became loose enough that the chain drive would spin after a couple of times without rolling the paper back up. This is probably easily worked around by adding bits of gaffer tape to the expandable cores.

The Impact Veripole in use

What’s the point of reviewing studio gear without using it? I invited Amy and Alison over for a portrait session and the value was obvious quickly.

Alison surprised me by posing against the paper backdrop, even placing her hands against it — a move that would have been unthinkable with a tripod and crossbar configuration. Joyful Amy is energetic with jumps and bounces. The Impact Varipole Support System didn’t even wobble.

I’m sure Amy and Alison wouldn’t have even tried it if the rack didn’t seem so solid. These happy accidents illustrated my favorite aspect of the Veripole Support System — sheer stability.

You’ve probably figured out by now that I loved the Impact Veripole system. Good — you’ve been paying attention! I had an opportunity to use similar system at a friend’s commercial studio, so when I was pretty excited to review the complete system.

Impact Deluxe Varipole Support System with Metal Chain Kit

The Impact Deluxe Varipole Support System with Metal Chain Kit from B&H is a convenient way to support and rapidly swap out 3 seamless paper backgrounds up to 9′ in length. One of the system’s best features the ability to quickly break it down to its component parts to relocate it elsewhere. The kit includes 2 silver-finished Varipoles and a pair of Background Hooks with Super Clamps to attach them to the Varipoles. Three Varidrives with black metal chains are provided to raise and lower the backgrounds.