Natural light by the window is a favorite of many photographers because it creates a flattering diffused light. However, we all know that it’s just not possible to have all the time. It’s especially the case when you shoot on location all the time, or when you have limited natural light in the studio. Fortunately, there are ways to create natural-looking window light using studio lighting!

Chicago-based commercial photographer John Gress shares his tutorial for creating a window light effect using three studio lights. If you’re a little advanced in your studio lighting game, you’ll most likely pick up some great pointers here. But even if you’re fairly new to this, you’ll also learn a lot about complex lighting setups and when to use the tools mentioned.

Gress used a combination of Elinchrom ELC 500, Elinchrom Indirect Litemotiv Octa Softbox 190cm and 8×8 artificial silk to create a diffused key light. This setup mimics that flattering lighting from a large window light source. Next, he also addressed the other details that could possibly cause color contamination in the shadows. The two other lights to complete his setup are hair lights placed above the backdrops and pointed down on the model. They just faintly illuminate the outline of her body to create a nice separation from the background.

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