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Portrait Photography

Five steps to nail perfect focus for portraits
Using the world’s blackest backdrop for photos and videos
How to control your background
Thoughts from my first boudoir session
Three tips for flattering portraits in noontime sun
The best portrait backgrounds for flattering skin tones
The beauty of space exploration with a “Lonely Cosmonaut”
Irving Penn: The story behind his iconic corner style portraits
How to set strobe power when taking portraits in daylight
Using constant lighting for shooting film in low light locations
Why v-flats are a must-have for studio photography
Choosing the “right” focal length for portrait photography

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Thoughts from my first boudoir session

I’ve been asked occasionally if I’d shoot a boudoir session. What an honor to be trusted that much! Only in April did I actually accept the challenge. It was a challenge but in a personal way. This past year has

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Reflection: Self-portraits that go beyond the self

In an age where self-portraits have become throwaway images, it’s so refreshing to see photographers get extra creative with it. With restrictions due to the pandemic still ongoing, I’m sure a lot of photographers are still contemplating how to approach

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Parabolic Reflectors Compared - Budget vs Expensive - youtube

Comparing budget and expensive parabolic reflectors

Light modifiers are among the essential tools when you’re shooting studio portraits. These include parabolic reflectors. Their construction and shape allow for the light source to be moved within the reflector to produce different light characteristics. These qualities make them

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