Using a low power fan to create a windblown look doesn’t get the job done and a large more powerful fan is bulky plus gets in the shot. Here’s how to use the small but very powerful Blowit Fan to create a killer windblown look.

Aim at the subject’s chest

The secret to creating the windblown effect is lifting the hair from the bottom. Aiming the fan at the chest pushes the bottom part of the hair back producing a pleasing look. Start with a low setting and add more power until the hair is flowing the way you want. If you need to, move the fan closer or further back from the subject.

Have the subject play in the wind

This may sound funny, but it works. Have the subject use the wind from the fan to move their hair into place instead of their hands. Doing this will take the awkwardness of posing if the subject isn’t a professional model. Plus, you’ll notice they will laugh as they do it producing a great image.

Avoid dry eyes

Before turning the fan on, ask the subject if they wear contact lenses. If they do, have them close their eyes and open when you’re ready to take a set of 3 shots. Have them close their eyes and repeat. This will avoid dry eyes and a discomforting look on their face.

Check out the Blowit Fan in action!

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