natural light

Clamshell Lighting using two reflectors setup

How to achieve clamshell lighting on location using natural light

Clamshell lighting produces a soft glamour style with minimal shadows, making it popular for beauty portraits. Setup is simple: Resembling a clamshell, place one light tilted high, just above the subject’s eye line, and a second just below, tilted with the subject in the middle. Normally used in a studio environment, here’s how to achieve clamshell lighting on location using natural light.

Removing harsh shadows using natural light

Removing harsh, ugly shadows from what would be a beautiful portrait is relativity easy. You find a shaded area, set your camera to a low aperture of f/2.8, diffuser the light, and then let Mother Nature’s light do the rest. It really is that easy. Here are the steps in more detail on how to remove harsh shadows using natural light.

Photography Tips For Using Natural Light

Sometimes the best place to shoot isn’t always the studio. Knowing some fantastic locations to shoot can put a photo shoot over the edge into the realm of  “greatness (“coolness”

Flowers Made Easy

Here is an easy way to photograph flowers indoors, without using fancy lighting techniques requiring studio lights or off camera flash with modifiers. All you need is indirect light through

Shooting Food with Natural Lighting

One of my favorite photography categories is food and drink. A few years ago, I ran a beer blog and highlighted a “beer of the day,” meaning I had to

How to Use On-Camera Flash for Events

Using a flash at an indoor event is a probably the simplest way to make pictures of small groups look their best. At weddings, parties, and fundraisers, friends and families