Setting up your own studio or working in one for the first time? You definitely have to familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade before getting started. Among the most important of these are lighting equipment and accessories such as studio light stands. However, these are often not “one size fits all” tools for all shoots.

In the Adorama video above, Lindsay Adler talks about four commonly used studio light stands and what they are best for. Some of them are multi-purpose, but most often than not, there’s a stand that best fits specific uses in the studio. 

Floor stands, for example, are best for placing lights at a lower angle behind your subject. Standard stands, as their name suggests, are your everyday, traditional stands that can hold various lights. C-Stands are designed to support heavier lighting equipment or provide better stability. Lastly, roller stands are perfect for moving light sources around the studio. To help you better understand how they are best used, Adler also demonstrates how she typically uses these light stands in her studio work.

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