Light modifiers are among the essential tools when you’re shooting studio portraits. These include parabolic reflectors. Their construction and shape allow for the light source to be moved within the reflector to produce different light characteristics. These qualities make them the preference of many professional portrait photographers.

However, the steep price tag often makes parabolic reflectors by the top brands out of reach for many photographers. Budget options may seem to be the next best thing. But how exactly do they compare with those by the top brands? This is what UK-based professional photographer Karl Taylor wanted to demonstrate in his video above. Aside from comparing the Broncolor Para 133 with the Pixapro Para, he also decided to hack a cheap parabolic softbox modifier and see how he could make it work as best as possible.

If you’re looking into getting either of these brands — or even try to hack your own — this comparison could help you make the best choice.