Found film is one of the many things that camera collectors find interesting, and it’s easy to see why. These films are often found inside vintage cameras sold in thrift shops and yard sales, waiting to be discovered. Every roll of film is like a time capsule that houses a piece of history from many decades past. So, imagine the excitement of someone who has picked up an old camera and found an equally old roll still inside.

A perfect case in point is a 70-year-old film found by Peter Modzelewski of Compose & Expose YouTube channel. In the video above, he said that he bought Voigtlander folding camera for the roll of 127 film still inside. He then satisfied his curiosity by developing the panchromatic black and white roll himself. Aside from briefly talking about the developing process, he also shared some interesting details about the 90-year camera itself. He noticed that some modifications were done so it can shoot 127 format instead of 129. If you want to know more about this camera, Mike Eckman has an in-depth article about it.

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