It’s been over a decade since the so-called film photography resurgence took off. Still, it continues to be a popular medium, especially among the younger photographers. Many of them didn’t even see or hold a film camera until the recent years. There has also been so many discussions and opinions on why this resurgence continues. But, we think you’ll also enjoy this scholarly dive into why film is surprisingly still not dead.

Austria-based photography and film student Teo Crawford is the perfect example of the young photographers enamored with film photography. In fact, the analog renaissance was the topic of his bachelor thesis, which he simplified in the video above. He discussed some of the major reasons that brought about this revival through a comparative analysis of film and digital photography. He also mentioned some key ideas like nostalgia, authenticity, materiality, aura and the fact that digital natives are at the forefront of this phenomenon.

As a film photographer myself, I find Crawford’s scholastic take to be an interesting addition to all the worthwhile readings out there. It provides a more objective view to the personal views on why we continue to shoot with an outdated medium.

That said, I think this video is worth the watch. Are you into film photography yourself? Or are simply curious why #filmisnotdead is still a thing on social media? You’ll definitely pick up some interesting insights here.

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