With all things vintage and nostalgic still trendy today, it’s not surprising to see young people getting interested in all sorts of retro tech. When it comes to vintage cameras, Polaroid cameras are still high up on the list. Among them is the Polaroid SX-70, the iconic folding SLR Land camera that came out in 1972 and was produced until 1981.

The video above is one of the episodes of Retro Tech, a mini-series where New York City-based tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee explores the origin and nostalgia of iconic technology. Of course, the Polaroid SX-70 is one of the cameras not to be missed if we’re talking about nostalgic photography. It was so revolutionary that it changed the way the world thought about photography and how far its technology can go.

So, whether you’re into vintage cameras, or in the mood to walk down memory lane having owned one of these Polaroid beauties, you’ll definitely enjoy watching this episode.

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