Film photography continues to be increasingly popular for portrait photography. So, it’s not surprising to find more and more photographers using both film and digital for their projects. One for convenience, the other for its nostalgic visual quality.

If you’re fond of fashion portraits and are curious about working with both mediums, UK-based photographer Sophia Carey shows what it’s like in her video above. With two models and a fellow photographer in tow, she brought her Mamiya RZ67 and Sony a7 III out for a comparison shoot. While the latter is a dubbed by many as a modern workhorse for every photographer, the former was regarded as one of the best portrait cameras in its heyday.

There’s no question that today’s full-frame digital cameras are equipped with the latest and the greatest features, plus a growing selection of lenses for portraits. However, medium format film also remains an outstanding medium for the job as you’ll find in this comparison. So, if you’re looking for reasons to use both for your next portrait shoot, you’ll most likely find them in this video!