Not sure how to improve your focusing for street photography? You can start by not relying on your camera’s auto settings all the time. Many pro photographers and experienced street photographers use aperture priority to keep the entire scene sharply focused. It may seem intimidating not to shoot in auto mode when so much is happening around you. But with today’s tips, you’ll be able to effectively use aperture priority for shooting out in the streets.

As Roman Fox mentioned in his video above, many photographers prefer shooting in aperture priority because it provides direct control over what’s in focus in your shot. In this mode, you simply set the aperture and the camera will select the shutter speed that matches that setting. In street photography, small apertures like f/8 and f/11 are typically used during bright sunny days because they produce a depth of field that gets more of the image sharp and in focus.

However, for the best results in street photography, Fox also gave some additional settings for minimum shutter speed and auto ISO. If your camera allows, you can fine-tune your settings further by tinkering with other settings like exposure compensation and photometry. These will allow you to get consistent results when shooting in aperture priority. They will also make sure that you’re shooting with the best settings for street photography, even if you’re only changing the aperture.

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