It’s always fun to see how photographers experiment with different focal lengths for street photography. There’s always one or two best suited for the job. However, some photographers also prefer to go against the grain and experiment with lenses not typically used for the task. A super wide 14mm f/1.8 lens, for example!

Chicago-based Pierre Lambert is no stranger to shooting with wide focal lengths for street photography. So, it’s no surprise that he recently picked up the Sony 14mm f/1.8 for the second time in the video above. With such a wide view, figuring out your composition will definitely be challenging. Even Lambert was slightly limited in the angles and framing in some of the photos. However, with lots of practice, you may be able to get at least some interesting perspectives like he did.

It’s an unconventional choice for sure, but do you think you’ll be able to pull off some street photography with a 14mm lens? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or in our street photography group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!