aperture priority

Aperture Priority: What’s it good for?

As a working photographer, I’m always looking for the most efficient way to create high-quality images. There are hundreds of things to keep track of during a photoshoot, but nailing

5 Steps to Get Out of Auto

5 steps to get out of Auto

When just starting out in photography the typical person will begin their journey with the camera set to Auto. Using this mode tells the camera to choose the ISO, shutter

How to Create Bokeh

I’m often asked about bokeh (which has a myriad of pronunciations bo?k? / boh-kay / boh-k?). The word originates from the Japanese word boke, which means “blur” or “haze.” It

Aperture Priority versus Manual Mode

One thing I’ve noticed about many new photographers is the enthusiasm they have for really learning how to use their camera as well as possible. In some cases, this requires