Are you new to film photography and have been wondering if “cheap” film stocks are any good? With the rising prices of films, we’re not surprised if you want budget-friendly emulsions as your daily driver. One of your options is Kodak ColorPlus 200, a versatile emulsion that is perfect for daytime shooting. Today’s featured video shows a preview of the results you can expect with this color negative film.

In the video above, Faizal Westcott takes us around for some street photography with Kodak ColorPlus 200. He loaded a couple of rolls in an excellent camera, a Nikon F4 with 35mm, 50mm and 110mm lenses. He described the resulting photos as having warm, natural colors, making this emulsion an excellent choice for daylight photowalks. Of course, the results will often depend on the camera and settings you use, and the lighting conditions that you’re shooting in. But if you’re thinking about using this with a film SLR, you can expect similar results as Westcott’s.

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