The holiday season is for family, and if there’s one thing that detracts from that, it’s the necessary busy work that keeps your photography business front of mind with your clients. Scheduling social media posts can help you reclaim your time this season.

It’s a part of most photography businesses’ marketing strategy: Regular posting on social media. Instead of interrupting your day by posting on the fly, try a scheduling tool to help you batch-produce content for your social media streams.

christmas lights
Reclaim your time by scheduling all your social media for the holidays in advance!

Social media schedulers for photographers

There are a host of social media schedulers out there. My favorites are:

  • Facebook Business Suite (free), for scheduling on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Later (free and paid plans), for scheduling LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok (newly added and perfect for integrating into your TikTok workflow).
  • Ko-Fi (newly launched this month for Gold members), for scheduling to supporters.

I’ll explain why these three are my faves below. I’ve also used Hootsuite (some years ago; it was glitchy for me then with accounts disconnecting at random, but may be better now), and another one I won’t worry about linking to because they went out of business (after I paid for a cheap lifetime deal — sadface).

Using Facebook Business Suite to schedule posts for your photography business

Before Facebook Business Suite added scheduling to its repertoire, I was all about Later (I’ll go into more detail below, but Later does so much even on the free plans).

However, where Facebook Business Suite shines for me is in managing projects which only need scheduling to Instragram and Facebook. Because it’s integrated with your existing Facebook account, there’s no need for extra logins to remember, and you may already be using Facebook Business Manager for business ads. I use it for social media for my son’s community kindergarten, for example: we only need Instagram and Facebook posts, so no need to get any additional tools on board!

Give it a try: There’s no media bucket or drag and drop calendar like there is in Later, but you can still save hashtags, crop in situ for Instagram and even edit or filter photos. There are certainly much more powerful options out there for automating your photography workflows (like IFTTT), but sometimes simple gets the job done perfectly.

instagram feed scheduler
When you only need to schedule to Instagram and Facebook, Facebook Business Manager is an easy and effective choice.

Using Later to schedule posts for your photography business

Later is great. It has so much functionality and on the free plan you get more than enough for most small businesses. You can schedule to:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok

The free account allows you to schedule to profiles of one “social set,” (one account of each of the above) with more sets being available on paid plans.

And you can schedule all the things: Stories, posts, you name it. I love the calendar that you can drag and drop onto, uploading all my media in advance (and filtering it by which ones I’ve already used), saving hashtags, scheduling the same post on multiple platforms (but adjusting it per platform as needed), and the included function for, well, putting a link in your bio, for Instagram and TikTok.

Although Later is limited to 30 social posts a month per platform, if you have all six accounts connected, that’s 180 posts! Not bad for a free service.

Using Ko-fi to schedule posts and connect with your supporters

Ko-fi has newly added scheduling posts for Gold members on their platform. Like Patreon, Ko-fi allows creators to get support from, and sell to, their fans. It’s an extremely affordable platform (there is a free option, as well as the paid Gold option which at time of writing is $4.50/month when paid annually), with massive functionality: You can take donations, sell memberships, open a shop, take commissions and produce support-only content.

ko-fi scheduling social media posts
Ko-fi is a rapidly growing platform for content creators, and have just added scheduling to their repertoire.

For a lot of content creators it’s the most affordable way to get your offerings out there to clients. With the new scheduling feature, it’s an easy way to keep your fans supplied with content while taking a break from work over the holiday period.

Scheduling saves you time by batch producing content

It’s always faster to do things in batches, and scheduling lets you bust through a month of content in just an hour or two. Why not give it a try this holiday season?