Here’s the second part of 10 efficient tips that a photographer can use in order to maximize its uses and strategically drive traffic using Pinterest marketing. Did you miss part one? Click here!

6. Use Pinterest for SEO

Most of the time, top results in search engines include Pinterest boards. It is so obvious how it is a great idea to include Pinterest marketing in your SEO efforts.

Play it smart and play it right by pinning popular content that links back to your brand. To increase click-throughs, post something that is valuable to your target viewers.

This process increases brand awareness and at the same time drive traffic to boost your SEO efforts. With patience and determination, you will see that this unique approach is easy but can produce incredible results.

Photo by Merakist

7. Monitor account performance

Pinterest Analytics is very useful in analyzing relevant stats about your account. These numbers are important because it will allow you to see whether your business is growing or needs improvement.

Every data in both your top-performing and low-performing pins will direct your next steps in Pinterest marketing. Knowing your audience’s insights, for example, will give you an idea what to pin about in the coming days. This, in turn, will help keep their interest in your brand.

8. Maximize your top performing pins

A board that has all your top-performing pins is a great idea. It can be a sort of an introduction for new onlookers where they get intrigued and will check out your other boards.

Another use of this board is that it would be easier to monitor the monthly analytics for these pins.

9. Interact with other Pinterest users

Pinterest, after all, works like a social media platform since it is where users get to interact with each other.

It is only fitting to socialize with other users by following other accounts. Initiating the flow of engagement makes other people notice your account. You can also look for other board to draw inspiration from and re-pin them as necessary especially if it is highly relevant to your brand.

Discounts and limited offers are tempting and might interest users to follow your account. You may also consider running contests that would help you gain more exposure.

10. Join group boards

Collaborate with other photographers who also use Pinterest.

Create or join group boards with the same niche so you can work together. The catch is that you have to find boards that would help you build a higher success rate. Evaluate which groups to join as not all are as productive as you would expect them to be.

Choose to join an active board with that particular topic that has great relevance to your work with a limited number of contributors. It’s best to always prioritize quality over quantity.

There are pros and cons to joining group boards, but it’s definitely worth the risk.

Final remarks

Pinterest is a great platform to explore different interests and discover new ideas. It is a powerful visual search engine but its uses are not limited to looking for and finding photos. It offers plenty of opportunities to market any business.

Photographers find it a creative platform to share breathtaking photos, inspire other people and look at possible fruitful collaborations and business opportunities.

Pinterest marketing may not be new but it is a highly unexplored strategy. It can give a significant boost to your SEO traffic if used properly.

It is imperative, however, to have high-quality visuals that are useful to your target market. You must not overlook the content creation stage, especially with proper photo editing, if you are serious about unlocking the potentials of Pinterest marketing.