Get an accountant. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting paid fairly or being profitable and an accountant can help on this front. Money is the fuel for creativity. You don’t have to be rich, but you need to be paid fairly. 

Most creative people suck at finances

Most creative people aren’t very good at personal finances, but an accountant can help. Swallow your pride, stop trying to “save money.”

Need to make decisions and adjustments monthly

It’s critical that you make decisions and adjustments monthly. You need to know how you’re doing. Do you need to save money? Do you need to prepare for taxes? Do you need to be setting aside more? Do you need to be cutting back? Is it time to spend money and grow? The accountant can help you here.

Learn to use accounting software, but still have a person

I do recommend you learn the basics of using the accounting software yourself so you can do some of your data entry and look at the data and information whenever you need to, but an accountant is going to be able to help you walk through and understand where you’re at and what’s happening.

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