I also suggest capturing personal knowledge. There’s a lot of great ideas you have, and you need to save them for those days when you’re feeling a little bit stifled, or you just want to build upon that knowledge and not have to keep going back to starting at the beginning. 

Standards & procedures

Reuse and recycle for your business standards and procedures. Write down things that are good ideas. Write down the way that you want things done so as your business grows in new people come on board, you can share with them operating procedures.

Software presets

Make presets design your own. This isn’t about buying a bunch of other people’s presets. Start to save your own great presets, and if you’re going to work with color a lot, look up tables are amazing.

LUTs for color grading

LUTs allow you to encapsulate all of your color grading for color and tone into a lot, and that lot can be used in photography and video software. Almost universally, it comes down to this. The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be. Check out this LUT generator.

Learn more about LUTS

Checkout or full-length course on LUTs and Photoshop. The first 100 people who go to the course can get it for free.

  1. Visit the class here.
  2. Click the Access Course button.
  3. Enter the code NYNEW3.
  4. Click Apply, the class should show as free if all the codes have not been redeemed.
  5. Complete your order and enjoy (no credit card is needed).